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History  of China Ceramic 

China is richly endowed with the raw materials needed for making ceramics. Chinese discovered and mastered the techniques of porcelain first. Ceramic products are not only an important cultural heritage of human civilization; they are still very much a part of everyones lives, and in a very lively and colorful way. A beautifully crafted and tastefully formed ceramic piece not only is a fruit of the technology and craft of its times, it also records the bits of history and life. Sometimes, it can even carry paintings, poetry, calligraphy, sculpture all on its tiny body; or serve as a medium of information for society.

Among primitive Chinese potteries, aside from colored potteries, the black earthenware had also attained considerable refinement in technique and artistically. Black pottery first appeared around 2,000 BC, and was based on the colored pottery. It was during the transitional period from primitive society to slave society in China that black pottery was created. Be it religious or ancestral rituals, everything at that time was developing towards a more standardized and systematic direction. The members of society had a clearer differentiation of social status, and political and economic interests also needed to be systematically distributed among them


What is a ceramic watch made of

  • Introduction

    Ceramic watch case description: zirconia ceramics with phase transformation toughening properties, strength and toughness is known oxide ceramics, comprehensive performance is the best materials, known as "ceramic steel".


  • Characteristics

Gloss, high hardness, no rust color, no contamination, chemical performance is stable. The ceramic watch case and strap is USES the zirconia ceramic and metal ceramic etc.Compared with the stainless steel watch, ceramic watches a roughly sixty percent reduction in weight, about 10 times of stainless steel material, its hardness and resistance to corrosion and heat resistant performance is good, high hardness, not easy to wear and tear, never fade, the advantages of not damage the skin.

  • Maintenance

1, ceramic strap worn for a long time to produce dirt, only with a small toothbrush dipped in soap scrub gently

2, put the watch where it is best to place desiccant, but avoid using camphor ball, pest control and other chemicals.

3, different occasions should wear a different watch;Such as sports had better choose waterproof and seismic resistance excellent sports watch.

4, table cover if there is a marked WATER RESESTENT or 3 ATM waterproof watch said its degree is limited to pressure WATER or rain.

5, special reminder: all watches should not be in the warm water or wear in the bathroom, even if your watch is water-resistant for watch rubber heat seal volume is easy ageing, and the water vapor molecules around the small, it is easy to penetrate casing, internal mechanical damage.

6, high-grade watches suggest should be done every two to three years of the corresponding maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, detection performance and power consumption of the movement, and when the cleaning machine and maintenance and so on, the appearance of such maintenance service will be effective to prolong the time of your watch.

  • Advantages

1, ceramic powder fine hundreds, some close to the nanoscale size;

2, high purity, is chemically refined but become, plus the necessary additives, purity as high as 98%, and we used ordinary ceramic is made from ore crushing;

3, it is resistant to high temperature, the melting temperature of 2750 degrees of the ceramic, it is to solve the parts under the working conditions of high temperature aerospace, nuclear power, but also has high strength and development of new materials, and steel melting temperature is 1450 degrees;Four is high hard wear-resisting, its hardness is much higher than that of metal materials, can be used to make bearing, knives, do bulletproof plate, and so on.The characteristics of the ceramic table is superior to the steel table: a hard, such as jade, not afraid to scratch, don't wear out, don't lose luster, forever if brightness is new, so to speak.Second, the surface is also pass fine fine grinding, were shining brilliantly, jade embellish smooth, shiny;3, material such as jade, do not hurt the skin, feel smooth and comfortable;Fourth, not afraid of water, does not fear the perspiration, not afraid of corrosion, never rust;5, ceramic table is watch is new bestow favor on, high technology content, it can reflect fashionable new era of science and technology;

what is a ceramic watch made of

Story of Ceramicslife

CeramicsLife have 2 quality Ceramic manufacturers from Jingdezhen JiangXI Province and Chaozhou Guangdong Province the ceramic capitals of China.

Ceramicslife extremely brief ceramic art was founded in 2006 In the early period of the company founded, mainly devoted to product research and development creative product .Ceramicslife extremely brief ceramic pay attention to product development innovation. After six  years of unremitting efforts, gradually developed eight series of 500 kinds of products: the Ceramic wtch series, the hand throwing series, grouting series, household porcelain series, lamps and lanterns series, knead carved relief series, sculpture series, wrought iron series and composite material series products and quarterly will also launch dozens of new products on the market. 

about ceramiclife

Ceramicslife extremely brief ceramic quality high market positioning, attracted many businessmen at home and abroad and the well-known enterprise group to become long-term customers and partners. Our products are exported to the United States, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, get the customer's praise and recognition from all over the world wide.

about ceramicslife

Ceramicslife's honor:

Ceramicslife is invited for the 2010 Shanghai world expo performing arts center to provide accessories.

Ceramicslife successively participated in the 12, 13 and 14 annual international furniture exhibition and Shanghai fifth international household exhibition, six parts design works of the thirteenth sharing, 12 international furniture exhibition honorable mention and design silver medal. 




Ceramicslife Proudct positioning:

Quality noble: Ceramicslife product's positioning is committed to enhance people's life quality  and life philosophy. Design style is the pursuit of noble, elegant, romantic and warm atmosphere. Ceramicslife products attentively carve, high quality. Each design of the product and production are designed to promote the life quality. To give you the most simple  cool experience as well as higher quality enjoy! 

Reasonable price: Ceramicslife products of excellent quality, and good quality with cheap price. With excellent product  and excellent quality, always leading to the modern ceramics and the forefront of house decoration.Rich Products: Ceramicslife products always adhere to innovation. At present, there are 8 series 500 kinds of products, quarterly, Ceramicslife will also launch dozens of new products on the market.

Less is more:

 Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto "Less is more" to describe his aesthetic tactic of arranging the numerous necessary components of a building to create an impression of extreme simplicity, by enlisting every element and detail to serve multiple visual and functional purposes (such as designing a floor to also serve as the radiator, or a massive fireplace to also house the bathroom). 

Designer Buckminster Fuller adopted the engineer's goal of "Doing more with less", but his concerns were oriented towards technology and engineering rather than aesthetics. A similar sentiment was industrial designer Dieter Rams' motto, "Less but better" adapted from Mies. The structure uses relatively simple elegant designs; ornamentations are quality rather than quantity.

ceramicslife less is more

Factory location:

 Our  Factory Name :Mulan Ceramic Handicraft Factory 
Located ZengNan Road,Chaozhou Guangdong Province,China And GuCheng Road ,Jingdezhen,Jiangxi  the ceramic capitals of China