TCM mentioned, in the person's wrist with a two-called "cunkou" site, linked with the three parts of the body of the pulse point "Cun - Guan - Chi", which three-point contacts with the human body health has a great relationship.

They are distributed in the left and right hands at the wrist, thumb downward. People when Pulse feeling just deep, moderate or gentle feeling these parts, with the index finger and hold the pulse points as long as tens of seconds, you can know the physical condition of everything, you can detect the status of internal organs. Ancient Chinese medicine believes that the "Cun - Guan - Chi" part contains the secret of health. When the pulse is clear and strong, indicating that people energetic, happy, tenacity and stamina. The most critical part is "Cun" because it corresponds to the "heart" situation.

Different watches wearing methods for Men and ladies

Interestingly, men and ladies pulse key point phase distributed in different hands, the men left, and the ladies watches are in the right hand. The medical profession believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that the men's blood is flowing from the left side of the heart tip, while the ladies are the opposite. Thus it come to an important conclusion: if a man would wear watch on the left hand, no matter what material it is, gold, silver, plastic or leather, etc., will affect the normal operation of the heart , while ladies are very lucky, do not need to change the habit of watches worn on the left hand. 

What is call normal wear of ladies and men watch?

About the same time every morning you wake up wearing the ladies watches or men watches, to work in the unit came home from work one day, according to your usual habits of taking off watch in the box, the same procedure is repeated the next day called watch in normal wear . If you wear watch today, while tomorrow would not because rest, it is call unnormal wear. The watch error happens in this case because the worn condition change and change, but you can't judge the movement stability change also, because stability of comparison should be made ​​in the same circumstances. I believe this point to understand the way of Swiss Chronometer testing friends should be very clear. I consulted a senior watchmaker, he thought if the situation occurs when watch walking instability, two seconds fast today but seconds slow tomorrow in normal wear conditions, the reason should the lubricant movement occurring changes need to wash out of oil or watch is magnetic interference. He said even the tourbillon chronometer watch also has errors, compare with the ordinary table, they are more stable in normal wear conditions, the basic error of the difference can be done less than one second day of mechanical watch error. Excessive pursuit of watch stability is a misunderstanding of watch aficionado, should not be advocated.