Known archaeological material from the current point of view, there are pottery boutique late Paleolithic Pottery dating back 10,000 years, 

8,000 years of culture terracotta magnetic mountain,

7000 years of Yangshao pottery, 

sexy ceramics girl history Yangshao pottery6,000 years of dawenkou the "eggshell pottery,"

sexy ceramics girl history eggshell potteryShang white pottery 4,000 years, 

sexy ceramics girl history Shang white pottery3,000 years of Western Zhou hard pottery,

sexy ceramics girl history Western Zhou hard pottery

as well as Terra Cotta Warriors,glazed pottery of the Han Dynasty, 

sexy ceramics girl history glazed pottery of the Han Dynasty

Tang Qin Tang and so on. 

sexy ceramics girl history Tang Qin Tang

In the Song Dynasty, the rapid development of porcelain production, ceramics tends to decline, but some special varieties of pottery still has a unique charm, such as the Song, Liao three-color and Ming and Qing since the teapot, glass, France flower and Guangdong Shiwan pottery, are unique, much appreciated.